Whenever you are in doubt about the proper course of action to take, refer to the Code of Conduct for guidance. If you still have a concern, consult our FAQs.

Why has Cesbe established an Ethics Line?

Cesbe uses its Ethics Line to expand upon its ethical values, which are established in line with the Code of Conduct and the principles of corporate governance.

What is the scope of concerns received by the Ethics Line?

The Ombudsman will receive statements on any ethical matters involving Cesbe. Reports of irregularities or improper accounting practices, or any other issues related to auditing or internal controls, standards, policies, ethics, human rights and the environment may be submitted through the Line. The channel can also be used to clarify any questions or concerns regarding the Code of Conduct.

Who can use the Ethics Line?

Anyone can file a report, whether they are Cesbe employees, suppliers and clients, or community representatives.

What are the options for submitting reports,
suggestions or questions?

There are 3 options available for making a report or submitting suggestions or questions:

1. Electronic form
external and independent communication channel used to clarify questions and concerns, send suggestions or report suspicious practices: www.contatoseguro.com.br.

2. By telephone

0800 601 8696. External and independent communication channel. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

3. By email
if you prefer, you can get in touch with Cesbe directly at compliance@cesbe.com.br.

Click here to access a webpage with details on how to file reports.

Can I report an issue or make suggestions and ask
questions anonymously?

Yes. You do not need to identify yourself to make a report, although identifying oneself when reporting an issue with facilitate investigation of the case. If you choose to identify yourself during the reporting process, secrecy and confidentiality will be guaranteed throughout the process.

How long will it take before I get a response?

After formalizing the report, you will receive an automatic response stating that we will contact you within 30 days. If more time is required to process the complaint, depending on the complexity of the matter, we will let you know.

Who exactly receives the reports,
suggestions or questions sent through the
Ethics Line?

Complaints are forwarded to the Ethics and Compliance Committee.

How should I proceed when providing
information on Cesbe?

Information regarding Cesbe and its business activities must only be disclosed both within and outside the company by those authorized to do so in an accurate, objective and appropriate manner.

Cesbe has a Brand Reputation Management Plan in place that establishes guidelines and communication strategies for outlets such as magazines, newspapers, Internet portals, targeted newsletters and the company’s social media accounts.

The Plan is also structured with a Crisis Management Committee in accordance with the company’s Image Crisis Management Manual, which  designates specific spokespersons during interactions with the press. This allows interactions carried out over specific communication vehicles to be centralized through a spokesperson that has been duly appointed by the Board of Directors or by the Crisis Management Committee.

What are the consequences of violating Cesbe’s
Code of Conduct?

Violations of this Code will be subject to disciplinary action and/or penalties based on applicable laws. Each employee is responsible for formally notifying their immediate superior or reporting an issue through the Ethics Line whenever they become aware of a possible violation of the terms of this Code.

Any complaints or concerns regarding company procedures will be resolved in a confidential manner, with the exception those involving a legal obligation to inform government authorities.